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The Art Garden at Murrarie State School is a very popular addition to the school. We look forward to extending it and continuing the creativity – naturally.

Festivals and Events

Hands on Art are often involved in community festivals such as the Green Heart Fair. 

 Sunday Art and Wine Sessions

The first of our Sunday Sessions was held on the 29th of March 2015. Tony Rice facilitated the workshop teaching traditional Japanese kite making.

Other Sunday Sessions have been:

  • Cameron Silman’s workshop on Collaborative Experimental Drawing, which involved experimenting with drawing free flowing ideas collaboratively using a variety of materials.
  • Jeff Cheyne’s Eco Structures where bush sticks become works of art.
  • Anthony Jigalin’s Quick Draw where participants would get 50 sheets of paper and quickly draw, draw, draw all 50 sheets within an hour.

Mosaic - Murrarie State School

Our Mosaic artist Cat Holland and the Hands On Art team, in collaboration with the Students of Murrarie State School, have made a welcoming artwork for the entry to the school.