Who We Are

Hands on Art is an artist run, not for profit organisation dedicated to the creative development of individuals and their communities.

Through Art we Grow..

Hands on Art is about people, art, nature, creativity and beauty.

We are a not for profit organisation and charity. We provide programs and services that inspire creativity, personal and community growth and connections to nature.

Hands On Art is innovative, accessible and committed to helping people and communities everywhere.

Hands on Art values the Artist as an agent and catalyst for giving others the means to discover and develop their own creative life.

Our Vision

Hands On Art Helping people and their communities through art since 1972

Founded as the Children’s Activities Group Assoc and becoming Hands On Art Inc. in 1989.

Hands On Art is for everyone and for anyone. Whether you are a child, an adult, a group, organisation, an institution or business.

Hands On Art is for people who want to engage in an art program to stimulate their creativity, or for people seeking advice or help from inspiring artists for their programs and projects.

Hands On Art is one with love nature, art, creativity and people.

Hands On Art empowers people to create the extraordinary from the ordinary.

Hands On Art empowers people to explore the infinite spaces of their own imaginations and the unexplored depths of their creativity.

Hands On Art: it’s about people being one with nature, art, creativity, and community.

Hands On Art: We provide services that use Art as an instrument for learning, growth and wellbeing.

Hands On Art: We develop and design Art programs to enrich life, build communities, and open new pathways to learning.

Hands On Art: a creative journey of fun, imagination, discovery and enterprise.

Our Team - current members

Jeff Cheyne - Director
Jeff is an artist, innovator, writer and storyteller who loves wild places and creative collaboration. With 35 years experience in children's creative development and community arts, Jeff's focus is developing outdoor spaces that stimulate creativity and develop connections between people, art and the natural environment.

Kara Dunnage - President
Kara is influenced by a colourful and rich cultural childhood in PNG and Hawaii. Her 15 years of experience in youth work, mentoring and community development is enriched by the pursuit of creative projects that inspire people's self worth and values.