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Asian Pop & Modern Art

Me & Art/Japanese Pop & Modern Art

Opening Night: Saturday 25th November from 6pm-8:30pm

Special Event: “POP JAPAN Kimono Fashion Showcase”

Exhibition Dates: 25 Nov - 29 Nov

Open Hours: 11am-6pm

Pop & Modern Japanese Art.  More than 60 art works will be exhibited by 30 Japanese Artists who currently live in Japan .  This exhibition will include a mixture of pop・modern works and explore the artistic scene in Japan as a cultural superpower crossing a number of mediums and themes from fine art to illustration and Pop Art to Modernism and beyond. This exhibition showcases the very best of contemporary Japanese art today.

Animal and Human Eye Workshop

With Isabella Ayres 

Date: 26th November 2017

Time: 9:00am - 12:30pm

Location: Hands On Art 150 Enoggera Tce, Paddington

Cost: $24.19 click here to book!

About the workshop:

This month we are drawing Eyes! This two and half hour workshop is suitable for adults and teenagers, beginners and advanced. No prior artistic skills or knowledge is required to join the class.

About Isabella Ayres:

Isabella Ayres is a young local Visual Artist/Photographer she has a BA in visual arts from the University of Canberra, south-bank campus. Previously completed three diplomas in visual arts including the London art college (children books illustrations) & botanical illustration). Working in mix-media most her works are created using pencil and pastel, however, Isabella also works with watercolour, ink and oils. The inspirations of her work stem from the native Australian environment as well as the human form, all that is a little bit odd, and just that bit beautiful.


Participants in this workshop shall learn to draw and colour a realistic eye in coloured pencils, mixed media. If participants wish to use other mediums apart from the coloured pencils the workshop is based upon, just bring your chosen medium on the day.

The workshop will teach students through a step by step tutorial as well as individual consultations about their work.

For class structure please click here.