Hands on Art is wholeheartedly in support of marriage equality.

It appears Australia might finally join the growing number of countries in ending the discrimination. That’s the good news.

When, and how it happens, is still to be decided. We sincerely hope the proposed plebiscite is rejected. Human rights and equality are no longer considered optional, and have not required a public vote for any other legislative change. The government doesn’t need it to make changes to the marriage act either. We have all fingers crossed they can find the sense to go for a vote within the government to pass the changes quickly and painlessly.

If the plebiscite is how the government wants to decide this matter, we will have little option but to make sure the Yes votes are the majority. It may be the ugliest way to get the change we need, but Hands on Art is committed to joining the majority of Australia in doing all we can to make sure the change happens.

For more information and the latest news, go to www.australianmarriageequality.org