Erica Bowe 


  • Fashion Design 
  • Handcrafs 
  • Upcycling
  • Drawing and Illustration  '
  • Textile Art

I’m Erica, a fashion designer who takes beautiful old clothing, cuts them up and uses the fabric to create new pieces. I try to capture the beautiful things I see in nature and turn them into wearable art, like a jacket which emulates the sunset. 

After graduating with an Advanced Diploma of Fashion Design I worked as a designer but found the industry didn’t align with my own values. I then went on to study Natural medicine.

It was this journey that taught me to fuse my love of fashion design, with my deep appreciation for nature, inspiring me to create clothing that replicates and loves our environment. 

This year I started my own sustainable clothing label- Erica Kate. I hope my work teaches other how to view trash as powerful opportunities to create more beauty. I believe our creativity is a gift and is the tool we can use to create change. I'm interested in teaching methods of sustainable design and projects based around up-cycling.

My social media:

Facebook: Erica Bowe & Instagram: Erica_Kate_