Sonja Howard


  • Workshops 
  • Sculpture
  • Handcrafts
  • Drawing and Illustration 

I was raised in the rainforest of Mission Beach, Far North Queensland, where I spent my time surrounded by strange and wonderful animals. I began creating handmade creatures of my own in High School, and became interested in bringing them to life in theatre and film. In grade 12, I received an Australia Day Youth Cultural award for my work on a novel, short film and exhibition a group of friends and I had put together. During the exhibition, I got a taste of teaching children's workshops in creature making – crazy, hectic fun! After graduating, I moved to Brisbane to study special effects makeup. After a brief trip to Weta Workshop, I've returned to start my own creature and makeup business with the aim of inspiring others to see the magic in the world around them, and help nurture creativity in children.